About Us

Guangzhou XR Beamish Co.,Ltd is a high-tech leading enterprise of aerosol products,which combines production, research, sales and OEM processing in one, specialty cassette gas stove,spray paint, coatings, cleaners, lubricants, and MRO chemicals for industrial use, serving the painting, art & stationery, automotive, industrial, electrical, hardware and construction markets.

XR Beamish promises to provide quality products that meet the environmental standards. Our facility meets or exceeds regulatory, environmental and safety standards. All products are lead and CFC-free.

 ”Technology services lift.”This is the common vision of all XR Beamish staff towards aerosol industry, nowadays, aerosol products are applied in every aspects of our life, so we hope XR Beamish can improve and develop with all of you, and endeavor to make your life better!

Our Principles
Since establishment, we have adhered to the spirit of “exist for customer”and the principle of “quality first,service first” all the time.
Our Products
With a 10 year track record in the fine chemical industry, we are committed to quality chemical packaging and the proper representation, use and design safety of all products under our brand name. Production capacity, quality control, product development, and management combine with our operating philosophy helps keep our customers ahead of the competition.
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If you have any suggestions or question for us.Please contact us.